mediocrity, inelegant solutions,

the banal – at all costs. Resist

the easy way out, because it

never really is.


through clutter, down to

essence. Laser through layers,

chisel away the chaff, reveal

the truth.


against the grain, beyond the

fatigue to the untried and

untreated. Not stopping until

we get where we need to be.

Edward P. O’Dell, owner and creative director of EPO Creative, has forged conceptual breakthroughs in design that helped Fortune 500 corporations effectively manage major business challenges, such as unifying disparate brands following mergers, or shifting market perception to sustain or promote growth. His work embodies a balance between passion for visual design and pragmatism in understanding and addressing user experience.

Having lived in New York since his days studying at Parsons School of Design, Ed calls this town home to both his business and family. His quiet, calm tone is well-matched with his vision of simplicity and clarity when encountering complex design challenges.

While Ed has a strong history in the financial services sector, his experience spans multiple industries, and his bench strength runs deep and wide.

EPO Creative has established strategic alliances with only those practitioners who have generated concrete results for their clients and demonstrated exceptional aptitude in their area of expertise. We have cultivated a network of design, copywriting, technology, digital media, and social network marketing partners to deliver projects of varying size, scope, timelines, and complexity.